Shoonya is the Sanskrit word for the state of nothingness. This is the state of potentiality; the entire creation of the world in potential form - "Everything comes into being out of nothingness". There are, thus, infinite possibilities within Shoonya.

Our aim at Shoonya is to create technology products that evoke an emotional response. To this end, we work on two kinds of products:

1. Experience-based: those that solely affect the way you feel
2. Utility-based: those that achieve some practical utility apart from affecting your feelings

Virtual Worship, our online virtual temples form part of the first category while LifeSpaces, the 3D home design tool, caters to the latter category.

We have a game development background and use game technologies to create rich & immersive experiences for our users.

We are based in the city of Pune in India and our talented team has the right mix of designers, developers and content creators who share the same vision.

Know more about us on our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/shoonya3d