Krishna 3D - iOS


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Haribol! Krishna worship for the iPhone generation.

As the technological world progresses, why should faith be left behind. Connect with your Krishna in a 3D virtual temple on your iOS device. Enliven the experience of being inside the sacred space with the soulful rendition of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra and get transported into the arms of the Divine Lord.


  • Fully interactive 3D experience of Lord Krishna's virtual temple
  • Perform a Pooja of the Great Lord
  • Get enchanted with the Lord's Aarti after performing the Pooja
  • Sound the temple bell to relive the real-life experience
  • Be at peace listening to the stirring melody of the flute
  • Take a walk in the mellow surroundings of the temple complex and be at one with nature

Let us know of additional features that you would like to see in future versions or any comments or questions you might have about the temple experience using the Feedback widget on the left side of the screen.